South Of The Border, Cancun Mexico…

Thursday 27 August 2015

Oh my goodness!

It’s official!

We are free from the work commute for an entire 11 days!


I’m not even sure what to do with myself.

This weekend this DINK couple is headed to…

Drumroll please…

Cancun, Mexico.

Arriba, arriba! Viva México!

Assuming this THOT Erika doesn’t ruin our vacación with rain and winds and anxiety about the state of our home.

Saturday 29 August 2015

Hip, hip, hooray!

Hip, hip, hooray!

We’re on the plane American Airlines from MIA to CUN.

As many times as I’ve flown in my life, particularly as a young child being an ARMY Brat, as an adult I do not look forward to flying.

Wishing there was a way to travel and eliminate the flying part.

When I was young we’d travel internationally, often.

Sometimes long enough to enjoy two meals on the plane.

That’s just dated how long ago that was because planes have 86-ed meals on planes.


I don’t look forward to it.

I’m not sure what set off this small fear of flying or anxiety shall I say.

Refer back to my OUTRUN ANXIETY blog and you’ll recall I confessed getting anxiety rather easily.

No one would know I was having a bit of anxiety unless I announced it, but there it is deep in my psyche.

I think it was when I became aware of death.

As children we’re not aware of death usually until something happens where our parents or teachers are tasked with breaking it to this little creature that we don’t just enjoy playing with toys forever.

So here I am… Waiting for this plane to take off.

Al Boliska, American actor and writer said, “airline travel is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror.”

Hear ye, hear ye!



I know they say turbulence can’t take a plane out of the sky, but it’s still cause for concern for me.

Not to mention the brief feelings of weightlessness in the air.

Ugh, I hate it.

I hate roller coasters too.

I’ll take my dose of extreme activities elsewhere.

To my approval, this flight is only supposed to be 1:19 minutes or so the flight attendant said.

A special thanks to American Airlines and Hollywood game night for making it a relatively smooth flight  limiting the moments of extreme boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror to just one interruption at the end as we were preparing for our final descend.

We land and the first thing I tell BAMF Hubs is limit your English speaking until we get on our van. As soon as they hear English they’ll be on us like beans on brown rice asking if we need anything and everything!

Just follow me.

Okay, aqui vamos.

He was the Patron and I was merely his Spanish escort.

No pun intended.

It worked marvelously.

We were like ninjas until… boom!

I found our transfer service.

No one even made attempt to stop us because I was speaking Spanish and we were on a mission knowing exactly where we were going not looking lost.

We made it to the Royal Caribbean resort and everyone was SO welcoming.

Perhaps it was my cheery Spanish speaking disposition.

I believe that when I travel I should make an effort to know at least some of the basic phrases of that country.

I believe it gains the traveler a certain level of, je ne sais que, respect from the locals.

I also believe that applies anywhere. When traveling to the United States or Europe or South America, the Caribbean. Anywhere.

That is simply my two cents.

We dropped the bags in the room and began working on that tan at the beach.

There is an epidemic of seaweed in Cancun though.

Yucky, yucky!

According to the Washington Post, the seaweed is sargassum and it stinks!

We started with working on our tan because it was late in the day. Well into the afternoon and rather late to start a proper exploration of local life.

Most of the following days would, however, be different.

We were up at 7/7:30 am and down to the breakfast buffet by 8 am everyday thereafter.

Although I said breakfast buffet I behaved myself most of the week.

My breakfast consisted of coffee, fruit and cottage cheese, followed by an omelet loaded with veggies.

From the first day, I declared we should take the stairs up and down every single day. That we did. We were on the ninth floor.

Sunday 30 August 2015

We hung out at the beach and the pool and tossed some frisbee while working on our tan with a 1 mm thick layer of spf 50 sunblock with physical blockers.  We pretty much rested up after traveling and in preparation for a hot and busy week of exploration.

Monday 31 August 2015

Today we hit the streets outside of the resort.  We didn’t take taxis though, we hopped right on the local public transit system. The R1 or R2 would take you all the way up the zona hotelera or hotel zone and into downtown and back.


It was mind boggling how the bus driver almost only came to a rolling stop to pick up and drop off passengers. I mean, they did stop, but it was for a very brief second. It was so efficient. I knew it couldn’t work in the United States because the petty lawsuit system wouldn’t allow it.

The buses move fast so pay attention and anticipate your stop. The busses were manual. Most without air conditioning. We were hot, but it was great. Today we didn’t venture too far. We went to fashion Harbour in Cancun right in front of the Westin and I got a henna on my hand after window shopping to my heart’s delight because I wasn’t there to shop for things I could get back in the states and this first stop was more like a mall.



We got on the bus again and ventured further north and got off in front of the Hard Rock. We stopped for lunch at Carlos n Charlie’s.


The servers have on great shirts. The backs say, “I don’t speak English, but I won’t make fun of your Spanish.”

So this day we got back on the bus after lunch with the intention of going to the real downtown. The downtown where the locals go, but we hadn’t done the research of where we were supposed to get off and I guess we looked lost or confused. It wasn’t until the bus driver asked me where we were going that we realized we weren’t sure either. I told him we were going downtown, but weren’t sure yet where we were going to get off and he responded we just missed the last stop. Oops. The route started over and we went back to the resort.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Today, whilst we were enjoying breakfast, it began to pour something serious. We waited until the rain died down and made way up the stairs to the ninth floor.

It was still dreary, but we made way for the busses.

BAMF Hubs had seen a resort that looked nice from the outside on our previous day’s bus ride so he did some reconnaissance and saw they had Hobie cats as one of their amenities which our resort does not. It has mono-hulled sailboats. It was also adult only so we thought we’d pop over and ask for a tour.

Hmmm. Sigh. We were in for an interesting surprise.

We arrive and the security barely lets us make it up the front steps. We inform them we want a tour. He sends us off to concierge that tells us that we can get a day pass for $40 a pop and use all of their amenities. It was sounding good.

Hobie cats here we come!!!

Plus sampling their food, pools, etc.

Well then we were carted off by the individual who was to give us the tour.

Oh, but it wasn’t so simple my friend.

She took us to the dining area and sat us down and began asking us questions. The first was, and I’ll never forget, “are you part of the lifestyle?”

Me: “What lifestyle?”

She proceeded to point out our black bands. I knew them as our matching spinner bands. Aka the one of bands we wear when we’re being low key or engaging in outdoor activities.

Well…apparently, according to her, black bands symbolize we’re down with swinging.


No thanks.

She pervertedly winks while simultaneously swirling her tongue around outside of her mouth.


We reiterate, “no judgement, but we’re not down with that get down.”

She shows us the pool, their best room is, “busy” although the door was open, and then brings us to the spa where she emphasizes how great their happy endings are…

My husband and I look at each other in disbelief at what she’s just so confidently said out loud.

We make way to her office through double glass doors and upstairs where we are greeted by a bar, a male bartender, three men, and a woman.

The three men I can only describe, in my memory, as being dressed in submissive attire begging to be punished and pawing at me behind cages. In fact they weren’t actually dressed in submissive attire and behind cages, but they were in fact virtually pawing at me to play.

We’re offered drinks to which I initially insistently decline and then oblige when my husband does.

And we sit down at one of many round glass tables.

The head guy asks if my husband can have a body shot.

WHAT?!?! I think.

BAMF Hubs states he doesn’t want one.

Then the number crunching begins.

The time was about 11:30 am.

We had no idea this was going to be a timeshare or vacation club pitch. Nothing wrong with timeshares or vacation clubs. We were staying in Cancun courtesy of someone else’s timeshare, but had no intention of purchasing a timeshare today.

When the pitch started it was dreary out. At about 12:55 pm I looked at the head guy’s watch across the table and thought, “okay, the sun is now shining I want out.”

So we start hitting them with the heavy, “no, no, no, NO.” They couldn’t even show us the rooms. No one puts money into an investment they weren’t planning on buying that they cannot see first.

It wasn’t until 1:35 pm we were running down the front steps of the resort.

As though we’d just been in a real life episode of altered beast.


We made way to playa tortugas to catch the Islamer Ferry to Isla Mujeres for more exploration.

Thank God I speak Spanish.

We were so Hangry by this point, but luckily the first place we stopped at was absolutely delish! The seafood was yummy! I mean how couldn’t it be? We’re on an island right at the water. A large plate full of ceviche was $10 USD!


Mocambo I will return to you next time!


After that we walked a bit on the island, but it was getting late so we made way back to the main area by way of the turbo double hulled ferry and then on to the busses.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Today we wanted to spend the entire day in Isla Mujeres eating the delicious seafood and exploring the island.

We took the Islamer Ferry over at Playa Tortugas with, “Los suegros.”

We rented a golf cart and valet parked it at the same place we stopped to eat the day before. We stopped at a turtle sanctuary where I got to see hundreds of baby turtles. Baby meaning they fit in one of my hands!

Then we headed to Playa Norte which was cool and clear before turning in the golf cart and making our way back to the mainland by way of the Ultramar Ferry.

Then the busses back.

Thursday 3 September 2015

Today we were going to venture all the way into downtown and actually get off this time. We did our homework and knew we wanted to go to Mercado 23 and mercado 28 or market 23 & 28. I had become accustomed to giving the bus driver a heads up of where we were going. It just made it easier. He’d shout out our stop and we’d hop off. From the back. You board from the front and de-board from the back. This is on the windows in Spanish AND in English. Get off from the back. It’s efficient. The people getting on don’t have to wait for the people getting off. We got off at mercado 23. Walked around the shops and then walked about ten blocks to mercado 28 with my asking locals for confirmation we were still going the right way every block or so and then we’d arrived. A humongous flea market of silver, souvenirs, chachkis, and the likes Oh my! For great priced souvenirs and silver make it to mercado 28!

The only thing I would say from a public relations standpoint is that I understand the locals make their living from their shops, but I believe it would be more effective if they weren’t attempting to virtually force you into their shops. Once I’m in it’s fair game, but until then let me pass through peacefully. I believe it would provide a more enjoyable shopping experience for shoppers. This however, is not a practice isolated to Mexico. I’ve witnessed it in Jamaica, Haiti, and Dominican Republic. I reiterate I understand this is their livelihood, but I shop much, much less when I’m harassed. In fact. I didn’t buy anything because I was looking for something specific and since they didn’t let me breath I couldn’t even peaceably browse.

Friday 4 September 2015

Today we started with a bit of light sailing in the lagoon. We were informed the night before there were two crocodiles in the lagoon. I understand when we’ve sailed Hobie cats in the ocean that there are possibilities of sharks. Well possibilities and confirmations are a little different. This was our first time sailing on a mono-hulled sailboat. It was definitely different and BAMF Hubs said, “I need trampolines.” I did too. I kept ducking under the sail. We then went back to a shop we’d seen a few days back to pick up something for my youngest sister who was cat sitting my little rascal.


We intended to go to Playa Chac Mool because it was supposed to be the no. 4 beach, but upon our arrival it was full of seaweed. And to get in a beach full of seaweed we might as well go to the one our resort was on just a bit further south.

So we went back to the resort to hang by the pool a bit.  We read up on MJ Sailing’s latest. In the next 6-9 months we are planning to begin official sailing lessons so we can get ASA certified.  We first sailed a Hobie cat in Antigua and absolutely loved it. We spent every single day of that vacation out on the ocean. Sailing, relaxing, taking in the scenery. And every vacation we’ve been on since we always ask each other, “do they have Hobie cats?” This enjoyment was taken to another level when we began following MJ Sailing and realized, “I want to own and sail a real boat!” Why the hell not?!?! Let’s do this!  They have packed up everything, sold their home, downsized, and now several sailboats later are still sailing the world and exploring life beyond the traditional living room!

We spent the rest of the evening beginning to pack and enjoyed a relaxed evening at the hotel sports bar recapping the week while watching college football.

Saturday 5 September 2015

We’re about to take off back to MIA and I say a little thank you prayer and a request for a safe trip home. The inflight beverage service begins and I request my usual, “Bloody Mary mix please. Just the mix.”

The flight attendant hands me a can of Mr & Mrs T original Bloody Mary mix and a cup of ice. BAMF Hubs requests the usual, “apple juice please.”

He gets just a cup of apple juice and ice.

I point out to him, “see if, if you ask for Bloody Mary mix you get the whole can.”

He nearly choked with laughter and sarcastically says, “next time.”

I love Bloody Mary mix. He thinks it’s disgusting.

It’s just spicy tomato juice.

I’ll point out when we were in Punta Cana for our anniversary I was drinking bloody Mary’s. I like them and I figured they were nourishing at the same time. He was drinking piña colada based drinks and he got the bubble guts (BGs) and I didn’t, really. He later found that his piña colada based drinks and my bloody Mary’s were the reason for my intestinal triumph and his intestinal demise.


We fly over Cuba as I’m beginning to sip my Bloody Mary mix.


We had a great trip to Cancun and I love that it’s just an hour and 15 minute flight nonstop. Although, we hope to be sailing to Cancun in the coming years instead. We love to travel and we don’t plan to stop. Ever.

Check out this supa dupa fly production of our Cancun, Mexico trip by [E]agle [V]ision [E]mpire and be sure to follow us on Twitter! @eaglevisionemp.

Cancun 2015 from Eagle Vision Empire on Vimeo.

Adiós Cancún and welcome to Miami. Bienvenidos a Miami.


With Love always from Miami,




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