Travel Light, Be In A Good Mood, And Enjoy Life…


I’m tossing the frisbee around with the BAMF hubby and I’m reminded of times when our friends have made comments about our ability to travel and workout and go to school and do other things that are important to us.

So apparently Hubs and I are living that DINK life. We’re able to travel freely and really do what we want with our time.

I hope and don’t plan to stop traveling when that status changes, but according to many non-Dinkers that is supposed to change.

Meh, we’ll see.

I know some non-Dinkers that still travel and still date and still have lives and they attest that it’s absolutely possible and recommended. The, “Ks” just usually stay with a sitter also known as grandma or auntie.

Catching my drift yet?

Hubs and I are living that dual income no kids life right now.

Do we want kids?


For sure.

In due time.

There are some things We’d like to take care of first.

One of which is enjoying time as just company because according to Andy Warhol, “two is company and three is a crowd.”

With that said, this past weekend we took a little trip to Jensen Beach Florida and stayed at the Vistana resort club right on the beach.

View was breathtaking.

We like the tranquility up there as opposed to the busy lives and the hustle and bustle we live during the week in Miami.

So although we live somewhere where many folks flock to vacation we live here therefore we go elsewhere for vacations.

We went deep sea fishing for the first time in Stuart Florida on the Lady Stuart.

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and so has the hubs as well as my Dad.

So we booked this fun excursion for the family to embark on together.

Our Captain Pat and our first mates Butch and Matt were just fantastic.

They were extremely knowledgeable and very attentive.

They knew every fish that came out of the water before we even got it on the boat.

I would highly recommend these folks at the Lady Stuart for your big party deep sea fishing adventures and we simply can’t wait to go back.


Although Stuart is just over two hours away and it was just a short weekend trip not every vacation has to be a plane ride away for a week at a time.

Mini vacations can be just a car ride away.

They can be alone or they can be with loved ones.

They can be as small as in your very back yard or in your bathtub with some Lush products and the right state of mind if that is all the time or money available at this very moment.

We just need to make sure we make time for these mini get aways because all work and no play is just no fun.

We have to take time out to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

“I travel light. The most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, where ever you are.” -Diane Von Furstenberg

Sometimes that is as simple as being alone enjoying a hot bath or a manicure or going away with a special someone and/or with family for good times with laughter and maybe some wine. Wine is good.

A fortune doesn’t need to be spent and many miles do not have to be traveled.

One just has to at least take the time to find a special place to decompress.

Check out this supa dupa fly production of our deep sea fishing trip on the Lady Stuart by [E]agle [V]ision [E]mpire and be sure to follow us on Twitter! @eaglevisionemp.



Deep Sea Fishing Stuart FL 2015 from Eagle Vision Empire on Vimeo.

P.S. Please don’t mind the freshly cracked corner on my iPhone 6 😖





With Love always from Miami,




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