In My Best Sebastian Voice…

Unda da sea!

Unda da sea!

Down where it’s wetter (pause)

Down where it’s better

Take it from me!

Out in the sun they work all day

Out in the sun they never play

It’s 33 degrees and its 7:30 am.

I’d pray for great weather, but I’ve got

FAR more important things to direct my

Prayers to.

And I know the predicted weather today is merely petty minutia.

So dear God I will chalk up whatever weather comes our way.


After losing our minds and entering the 54 degree water.

Yeah… (picture that)

Suffering nitrogen narcosis on the surface…


Which is not entirely possible but should be after exiting that water you’ve got to have been intoxicated in the first place.

The water was as cold as I anticipated.

The water temperature was 54.

It promises to be that or less again today as currently I see condensation from my mouth when I breath.

(Shrugs shoulders)

I mean it was this or, “The Incredibles” (BAMF BF and I) wouldn’t be scuba diving in the U.S. Virgin Islands with my Dad.

So bring on the cold.

Today we learn to use a compass.

Funny I went from crawling to running because I didn’t particularly know how to use a compass on land.

Point and walk was pretty much it.

However there’s

reciprocals and

marking bezzels and a method to how to swim while using the compass.

Today we find out if we pass the class and

Get to continue our adventures. . .

After several partial mask floods and clears,

Full mask floods and clears,

Remove mask replace and clear,

Running out of oxygen,

Super man ascends.

Yeah you literally ascend like Super man,

Etc etc.

We’re officially

PADI open water certified!!!


Now for our victory dinner.


Whoever thinks TGIFridays isn’t good enough

Hasn’t had their

Jack Daniels sauce

Sizzling chicken or

Their chicken fingers.

It’s no Roy’s or Forte, but it’s definitely


In addition we met some cool people,

can breath under water,

And now on to the next. . .

Enjoy your weekends! ! !


Posted to our old blog on 14 November 2010 2 Bamfs In A Pod.


With Love always from Miami,




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