At Bottom Time…


So BAMF BF and I decided to try our luck with scuba diving.

And if you know me I try to be pretty official with anything and all that I do.

So rather than just scuba unofficially to scuba officially would be to become certified.

PADI certification that is.

Enclosed are Disney’s limited edition Ariel fins.


Okay, not exactly.

They’re Tusa’s new sf15 xpert zoom z3.
How did I come to select those you ask?
Well I did thorough research…
And searched for the best.
It appeared split fins were receiving extensive hype.
I pulled up top brands and then from there I narrowed it down to top brands with aesthetically appeasing colors.
(What you want me to do? I’m sorrrryyy!)

Sometimes I’m a bit of a brand whore.


My confined water training instructor

(Prior to seeing me in the water… (With my fins))

Was joking about how some people get stuff just because it is pink.

Now I didn’t particularly take offense to that.

Here’s why.
I didn’t get a worthless and non functioning pair of fins just because they were pink.
I selected a new pair of fins that received a lot of reviews and manufactured by a reputable company.
If I just wanted pink fins I would have gone to walmart and picked out a 12$ pair from the kiddie section.
(Well maybe not walmart. I hate walmart, but you get the idea)
See the difference?
I wanted good! Rather great! . . . Pink fins.
The xpert zoom z3 sf15 has an open heel for wearing with boots.
It is made from three different materials for increased performance unlike standard split fins.
It has a 27 degree angle to direct the energy to the ‘propulsion’ of the swimmer or in this case the diver.
They’re not just…pink.

I wonder what the instructor thought when he saw me with my pink fins?

Likely he thought they were egregious.
Oh well…

It is never unfamiliar to me to be amongst the minority of a crowd in a sport or activity typically governed by men.
I was the only gyal left on the last day.
And I truly don’t mind living in a man’s world so long as I can be a woman in it.
-M. Monroe
With my pink fins. ;o)

I recall one of the other instructors stating
“Scuba diving is no fashion show”

Ahahaha in my best Megara chuckle (Hercules)

Lemme tell ya.
Everything is a fashion show.

You can still look good doing things you like.
Perhaps you’ll still look foolish with a rulator in your mouth and a Buoyancy Control Device strapped on and a ridiculous mask on lol, butt
One can still look some what put together compared to your counterparts.
I’m a girl what can I say?

So anyways I digressed, my apologies.
BAMF BF and I intend to be PADI certified after this weekend.

Subsequent to the confined water dives this weekend is a trip to partake in our open water dives.

These fun exciting dives will take place at Bainbridge Scuba Center in Pennsylvania.
We will be in the water exposed to the elements not in a heated pool.
What’s that you say?
It won’t be so bad?
Oh okay, spoken from the person who won’t be in 56 degree water.

My initial intrigue to SCUBA was that my Dad does it.
It is always fun to do things with him.
Fishing is one thing we used to do every weekend while we lived in Panama.
And I do mean EVERY weekend.
It was loads of fun!
We would even clean the fish upon our return to our home surrounded by jungles, panthers, monkeys, and bears.. Oh my!

Our itinerary for (hopefully) our first official, official SCUBA dive includes the incredibles and my Dad in St. Thomas February of 2011 on our cruise.
It promises to be pretty exciting!

Additionally my intention is not to be a ground breaking diver.
Not at all.
I have no plans of traveling to the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench like Don Walsh or Jacques Piccard who in (1/23) 1960 traveled to 10,916 meters below water in a Bathyscaphe Trieste.
I don’t even plan to run with Pascale Bernabe who is the record holder for deepest SCUBA dive at 1083 feet near Corsica.
I will live vicariously through them by reading about their adventures and calmly blowing bubbles just below the surface.
And I do mean just below the surface.



Originally posted to our old blog 2 Bamfs In A Pod on 12 November, 2010.


With Love always from Miami,





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