Love Is A Game Two Can Play


Love and romance is a two way street.

You can’t expect your other half to be willing to go and do everything that you want to do if you’re not willing to give a little back in return.

Do women really think that men want to go to the movies to watch our latest chic flic?

The answer from the audience is a big fat “NO!”

Well have to break this down to male and female now.

It would be entirely impossible to break this down without being able to address ‘he’ and ‘she’.

The only reason he’s willing to go watch the chic flics now is because he thinks that she’ll be willing to go watch football with him later or at least let him watch football undisturbed. Point blanke!

(yes I added an (e) at the end. I like how it looks)

As soon as he sees that she is not willing to watch football with him he’s not going to be willing to watch the chic flic stuff with her.

Now of course the amounts of things that he wants to do that she may not want to do go a vast deal beyond just football and the things that she as a woman may want to do go again, a vast deal beyond chic flics, but I’m not going to go through the line of the things she likes to do and the things he likes to do, that’s not the point.

The point is that you have to give some, to get some.

And while she may not think it’s a big deal that she doesn’t want to go to the football game with him or watch football with him, I guarantee if that keeps up it will be an argumentative point in the future.

And then somewhere down the line when she invites him to go and watch the newest chic flic with Sarah Jessica Parker she’s going to get a big fat “NO!”

It’s only fair.

If she’s not willing to sacrifice watching football to go spend quality time with him.

Why should he sacrifice watching failure to launch with her?

Along these lines is the argument that I’m predicting will occur when finally one of you gets tired of giving and not receiving.

he: “hey hun let’s go to the Marlins game?”

she: “man I don’t want to watch baseball!”

he: “okay I’ll just go with Joe Shmoe.”

several nights later

she: “hey hun let’s go watch that new movie ‘my best friend’s girlfriend’.

he: “man I don’t want to watch that stupid chic flic”

she: “why not what the hell, etc, etc”

he: “why the hell should I watch all of these sappy ass movies when you never want to do what I want to do?”

Something like that, you get the story.

You have to be willing to give some to receive some.

You can’t expect to have an everlasting relationship for the next 30-40-50 years and think that the remainder of that time it’s always going to be receiving, receiving, receiving and no giving, giving, giving.

Or vice versa maybe you’re always the one giving, giving, giving and never receiving.

Thing’s are not going to last forever that way.

Ask yourself why your last relationship ended?

And the one before that?

And the one before that.

Although your argument may not go exactly along the lines as the one depicted above sooner or later there will be underlying resentment that will lead to other forms of anger.

I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one that thinks relationships are a game two have to play.

You just have to find someone that realizes that both have to play also.

Thank God that I’ve found him.

I mean it’s so simple, you give some you get some.

Point blanke!

That goes with everything, you give some, you get some, she sacrifices some for him he gives some for her.

It is a 50/50 two way street.

And while a relationship that is just one sided may last a couple months, or a couple years even because all of your stuff is in his car or in his house it will eventually dwindle and one of you will look back and wonder why you wasted all of that time, when the writing was on the wall.

It’s kind of like a game.

The ball can not always be in one persons court.

Basketball, football or baseball could not function properly if either team did not have a chance at the ball.

The difference with love is that if both people play right both can win.

“Love is a game that two can play and both can win.” -Eva Gabor

Original blog posted to former blog and on 9/23/2008. All rights reserved.


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