The Downfall To Driving To Work

The only downfall thus far to driving to work is…

I can’t blog on the way to work…
Or can I?
I haven’t figured it out yet.
(Totally just kidding)
But I am glad I took the subway for a month so I could truly appreciate driving to work again.
I mean if public transportation is for you then…


But its NOT, I repeat, NOT
For me.

I think…
Damn it!
Someone interrupted me and I lost my train of thought!
I think…
– think…
I remember, I think the last straw was on Tuesday.
I got on the subway and took the inner seat by the window.
Some stops further a lady got on.
She smelled…huhmmm…
I don’t know like what, but it was pungent.
Forgive me Lord.
And then she had a wet wash cloth she kept wiping her face down with.
All I could think was…
“Shyt, this lady has the f-in flu and has a fever. SHYT!”
I didn’t want to be rude so I didn’t move and just thought;
“Lord please don’t let this person have the flu. Let her be high on something instead.”
I know, I know.
Like the lady with the vibrantly red hair on the view would say…

” So what, who cares!”

I don’t want the flu!

Then during lunch I had to go to the University campus so I took the light rail.
I was on time for my advising appointment.
But the light rail had problems and was late.
I get off the light rail at the stop and note the time is 12:33pm.
My appointment was at 12:30pm.
I recall I was on the phone with Mom dearest and said
“I gotta go Mom. I gotta run. Because if I’m late and she leaves for lunch I’ll be screwed.”
And that I did.
Imagine that, me, running, literally, sprinting in my black slacks, long rain coat and dress shirt.
A sight to see, I’m sure.
And when I got to the advising office I was huffing and puffing, but had no strength left to blow any house down.

That was the last time I rode the subway.

I got in my BAMF BF’s BAMF car this morning.
Ooh wee!
He says I can’t drive JiNX to work because the Baltimore streets are TOO jacked for her suspension.
If you ask me, and only if you ask me I think he just wants to drive the bat mobile. ;o)
That’s okay I love to drive the presidentially tinted out black on black TL.
I mean like Dane Cook says no guy gets a car and wants to look like a ‘twat’.
They get cars thinking ‘I want to look like a Bad Ass Mother Fu€ker when I’m driving around.
And that is what this car says.
I mean I think of my dad he’s never bought a car that doesn’t say “I’m a Bad Ass Mother Fu€ker!”
Take the Z06, clearly, clearly a BAMF car.
Then there’s my BAMF BF father’s cars.
One of them being a big body Benz.
Presidential like ‘Coming to America’ and I need rose petals to be dropped on the pavement before I step out type of big body.
I’m working on the rose petals for them two.
So yeah, its beautiful, I got in the car and synchronized my right hand and left foot with the transmission and made it to work in less time than if I would have been on the subway.
It was harmonious.
It was peaceful.
There was no traffic.
I had my choice of tunes.
Best of all no new face to my right, left, front, back.

I’m hanging up my subway pass unless its for leisure trips to downtown DC.

See ya next time.

Original blog posted to former blog and on May 22, 2009.
The Downfall To Driving To Work

all rights reserved.


With Love always from Miami,




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