Bom Chicka Wah Wah…

So I microphone check in with my mom dearest to see what they’re doing for the mother’s day weekend.

This was Thursday.

“Hey mom what are you guys doing this weekend?”

“Were going to MiAMi.”

“Oh yeah after work Friday?”

“No early in the morning.”

“Cono mami me tiraste a joder.”

(Translation= damn mom you screwed me.)


“I sent you flowers and you’re not going to be home.

And I purposely sent them Friday in case you left after work on a Friday last minute.”

She proceeds to tell me maybe I can call the company and change it to have it delivered on Monday instead.
I said I would try to figure something out.
Coincidentally ‘Thursday’ was also the day of my graduation ceremony that I wouldn’t be able to attend due to circumstance.
Kindof a blower!
But I guess it makes it even more special when I get the BS and am able to attend that ceremony.
So Mom dukes says “we sent you a little ‘chu che rian it should be there by Saturday and you have to sign for it.'”

Let’s start with the translation for ‘chu che ria’ this means ‘a little something’.

My next non language translation was… Huhmmm she said I would have to sign for it.
This means it is insured and signature requirement.
Which in turn means its something excellent!

“Okay mom I’ll be sure to look out for it.”

Come Friday I get off work and get home to see a note on my door.
They tried to deliver and as a result I can’t pick it up til tomorrow, Saturday at the post office!
I thought about it all darn night!
Like a little twat on Kiss.mas eve!
That morning came and the BAMF BF and I make way to the post office on this beautiful Saturday.
I obtain my box from our uniformed postal service men and run back to JiNX with the box held high in the air like a barefoot slum dog.

Arrive back at JiNX where she was still on with the air conditioning… Waiting.
I pull the lever under my driver seat up and raise my feet so I’d be immediately dropped back to the furthest setting and have room in front of me to place the box in front of me and rip it apart with my keys, a pen, my hands and teeth.
Not quite like that and not quite in that order.
A light was emitted from the box when I was finally able to pull back all four flaps.

Thank youuu Dad and Mom!!!


Enclosed within is a
sky blue
hand bag.


The bag is divaliciously sasha fierce in all of its fabulousity!
I will take a pic the first day I wear it with a ‘the limited’ brand suit outfit with some Aldo pumps on!
And send out to the world!



With Love always from Miami,



Re-blog from my former blog posted on 11 May 2009 to jmariangela5 @ blogspot


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