Wake up. Smell the coffee. Repeat.

It’s Friday.
Another day another dollar.
Another work week come and gone.
As I stand on the train, which is customary for us since on three different occasions we’ve seen cockroaches,
I think about many things.
How good it feels outside right now in Miami.
How much I love to wear a light jacket with a fabulous scarf from time to time as I am donning today.
How cool streaming music is as I am doing right now.
How good the feeling in my gut feels that many awesome things are brewing.
For me as an individual,
for my husband as an individual,
as well as for both of us as a collaborative team.

“And I wonder if you know… What it means…to find your dreams come true.” Kanye West

When you get married, and sometimes if you’re really lucky long before marriage, you’re a team.
I was really lucky.
As I come down the stairs at the metro station I notice my next train is precisely the 1 out of 2 that I want.
It drops me off right in front of my office building.
I can’t hold back my enthusiasm and immediately, with both hands clenched and in front of me, I let out a, “yes!”
I wondered if anyone heard or saw me like the time in ikea where I was dancing to some pop music in the self-service area like no one was watching and in fact a couple was watching.
They chuckled at me.
Their chuckle made it worth it.
“We do not remember days.  We remember moments.” -Cesare Pavese

It is, after all, the small things in life that keep us going.
Or they should be anyways.
There are many things on my to-do list.
Things I have on my radar to change, do, and acquire.
Some of them are big things such as life altering changes, some are smaller such as meditate much more often, and others are even smaller such as go to ikea and pick up some black 4×6 frames for that project in the hallway.
And small projects make me happy.—

I consider myself to be a positive realist.
Yes, it’s a hybrid I made up.

Facts are facts.

we can state the facts and then be positive about their potential.

Taking the train to work is not always my first choice. Fact.
On days it’s not my first choice (lls) I can be positively realistic.
I don’t love the train, but I do love when I get handed premium service to the front door of my office building like, “winning.”

Dreams do not happen overnight.
They are a compilation of small; steps, opportunities, and moments en route to the day when your name lights up the Chicago skyline.
Relatively speaking.

But it’s not just about dreams.
It’s about happiness as well.
That is also small; steps, moments, and opportunities created and taken possession of.
Such as choosing to become excited because the next metro mover was the one that I wanted!
The one that drops me off right in front of the office building.
I could have chosen to keep walking and be unmoved by that small and virtually teeny hand I was just dealt or I could choose to take possession of that small opportunity to celebrate.
Which I did.
Woot woot!

Again, there are things on my list of things to-do this year.
Some of which are opportunities created by myself.
Others are opportunities waiting to come to fruition which I too have been working on.
Preparing for when opportunity presents itself.
I watched a TEDTalk the other day that said success is when preparation meets opportunity.

I’ve been preparing.
This will be the year many things that have been bubbling and working within me and within the universe, small steps towards bigger pictures, will unveil this year.

That’s not all though.
It’s not as if this year these things will unveil and then that’s it.
We go into coast mode.
Absolutely not.
There will be other things it’s just this year I believe several big things will unveil.
That’s being positively realistic.
I’ve been working on things–my mind, my soul, and my education.
There is always room to keep growing.
Everything I’m not has made me everything I am.
I am not perfect.
Nobody is.
And we aren’t these little optimistic, positive, bubbly little robots all of the time.
Let’s be honest.
So long as we are aware, conscious, and actively working to grow and continue learning.
But small steps, moments, and pieces keep coming together to contribute to bigger pictures.
If we only focus on the big picture we’ll never enjoy the ride en route to those big milestones.
If we’re not object we never learn because we see none of the lesson nor do we see there might be room for improvement within ourselves.

Sometimes the lessons involve self reflection such as Steve Jobs being fired from Apple only to learn there was some self reflection in order which involved some fundamental changes within himself.He was then brought back to Apple and built an unprecedented company.

Really good read and a different angle at looking at moments.

Positive or negative moments — what can we take away from those moments?

Do certain moments indicate there is a required change within ourselves?
Is your puzzle a four piece jigsaw puzzle?
Focusing on only the big things?
Or is it a puzzle made up of a million pieces?
One of those that takes many small moments, milestones, and years to complete?
With family and friends?
Make sure yours is made up of all of the small moments or else you’ll never wake up and smell the coffee or the roses.



With Love always from Miami,




One response to “Wake up. Smell the coffee. Repeat.

  1. I wrote a paper about Apple, and one of my main subtopics was the tiff between Apple and Steve Jobs. We owe it to ourselves to reflect!


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