Ask yourself, “what makes you come alive?”

“I’m in the pursuit of happiness
and I know
everything that shines ain’t always gonna be gold.”
Everyone has been or is in the pursuit of the utmost happiness at some point or another in their life.
Hopefully we’re all always on the pursuit of happiness.
Finding and doing things that make us happy whenever possible.
I’d like to think there aren’t any people that haven’t ever been in the pursuit of happiness.
People should ask themselves what makes them come alive?
If money wasn’t an object what would they want to do with their lives?
What inspires you?
What warms your heart and soothes your mind?
What puts you in a state of zen?
Whatever that is should be a part of your pursuit of happiness or in and on your schedule as often as possible.
There will be different milestones en route to the pursuit of happiness for everybody.
Happiness is a state of mind.
Understanding that is one of the steps en route to the pursuit of happiness.
Your neighbor may be happy with much less than what is en route to your pursuit of happiness while the other neighbor may want much more than you.
All the while they both might have completely different milestones on their list.
That is all okay so long as everyone is pursuing happiness for their own
and lives.
Different things make different people come alive.
What matters is what is important in life to each of us as individuals.
Attaining those things.
Finding those things.
Finding that state of mind.
Everyone has to ask themselves what is important to them.
It’s about what is important to you.
It doesn’t matter what is important to John or Jane.
Finding your zen.
I’ve taken many, many steps in the pursuit of happiness in recent years.
One of my recent goals was I wanted to finish grad school first, if all worked according to my over planning self, then have a baby.
As it turns out it’s happened, this far, as planned.
We own our home, are married, and I’m done with my graduate studies.
These items were on my list of items in the pursuit of happiness.
graduation cap diploma isolated on a white background
I travel often as part of the pursuit of happiness,
I grow myself, and continue to learn about what I’m passionate about to name a few.
In one week my new car will be paid off.
One of the items on my list of goals in the pursuit of happiness, to name a few, is to pay off my student loans.
 Enlightenment in nature
The things that make me come alive are just that.
They are the things that make ME come alive.
What makes you come alive?
It IS that simple.
It is YOUR life.
What do YOU want from it to be HAPPY?
What is going to make you feel alive!
Your pursuit of happiness may include all of these things.
It may include all of these things and others.
Or it might include none of these things.
That is okay!
So long as we all know what is in the pursuit of happiness for us and are striving all of the time towards those goals.
Being unhappy, which is a state of mind, is bad for our health.
It is different to be unhappy or unsatisfied with one’s
financial situation
or location,
but be happy inside and just be working to better those situations than to just be in a mental state of unhappiness all of the time.
Chronic unhappiness can have detrimental effects on our health and can increase stress and result in depression which have, in turn, detrimental effects on our physical health.
 Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression on the body can result in shit hitting the fan in the body.
Have you ever heard the saying some things are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.
A reason|2C a season|2C |0Aor a lifetime.jpg
I have learned most things are not set in stone for a lifetime.
Most things will pass if you allow them to or will them to.
That is what is important.
Knowing what you want.
Knowing how you will get there.
Understanding that what you do not like about your life,
if you want to change it,
you possess the power to change it.
I will exercise all of my avenues to continue elevating myself and have learned some things are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.
I will always continue to strive to grow those around me and continue to grow me, because I know when opportunities knock or you find them on the streets
you want to be ready to grab them thangs!
It is important to me to continue to learn about what makes me come alive.
Hence I’m going for a run during lunch.
Along the beautiful ocean front.
With the wind blowing in my face like a dog sticking its tongue and head out of a moving car.
Because I have goals and they involve the pursuit of happiness all of the time.
I will not rest until I attain these short and long-term goals and then I’ll add more!
Pandora and Spotify are my best-friends.
So as I lace up my shoes,
put my hair in a ponytail,
turn on my iPod,
and put my earbuds in…
I’ll contemplate the method and route to obtain what’s next for this young woman who is thirsty,
hungry, and still growing.
The moral of the story is …
You have to do what is important for you.
Whatever it is that makes you feel alive.
Whatever your priorities are.
Do things that make you come alive as often as possible!
Do all of those things.
Pursue them feverishly.
Most things don’t have to be for a lifetime if you do not want them to be.
You have the power to change things in your life that you choose to.
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive,
and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Howard Thurman
Take charge of your life!


With Love always from Miami,




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