A magnificent feat of human choreography




I want to ride my bicycle everywhere I can.

The things we take for granted…

I recently acquired a beautiful single speed fixed gear bicycle.

Sole Bicycle’s the FIANCE

She’s a bad bitch.

If you’re still one of those people that are offended by the term, “bad bitch” you should catch up to the times and understand this is a compliment.

Beyonce is a bad bitch.


Yes indeed.

There’s a reason Jay said he had the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain.

Then there is J-Lo.

Jennifer Lopez is a bad bitch.


She just wants to find love.

You know Jessica Biel is bad if Justin Timberlake wifed her.

Jessica Biel is a bad bitch.


Scarlett is also a baddy.

She played Lucy.

I mean come on.

Scarlett Johansson is a bad bitch.


Yup, that’s right.

There are tons of other bad bitches out there.

I can think of a plethora of others, but the blog isn’t about baddies.

Bad Bitches.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 7.03.00 PM

If anyone calls you a bad bitch one should politely say, “thank you.”

So back to my bicycle.

The FIANCE is a bad bitch.


I’ve since customized mine and added their bullhorn handlebars and different color handlebar tape.


She hails and is reppin Venice Beach, California.

As if though the bicycle on its own wasn’t sexy enough it reps a city like Venice Beach, California.

Where Arnold Schwarzenegger himself was pumping some serious iron at muscle beach.


My mom has recently acquired the ZISSOU.


Another sexy ass piece of zombie apocalypse surviving essential.

Now that I’ve rekindled my romance with bicycling, from when I was a young teenager and I would race my bicycle through the Straßen in Dielheim to Wiesloch in Germany, I’m reminded how truly amazing riding a bicycle is.

I’d meet my friends at the Wie TalBad or ride to get ice.

How much we take for granted the ability to ride a bicycle.

Not only the ability, but the freedom to ride a bicycle.

Even if you’re broke, assuming you have a bicycle, you can ride your bicycle.

Even if the electrical grids go out due to a solar flare you can ride your bicycle.

Recently, there was a mini threat of a solar flare.

Senoras y senores no se preocupen mucho is a piece I wrote about this threat and my family’s COOP.

If all operations fail due to a zombie apocalypse you can ride your bicycle.


I’ve recently started organizing bicycle rides at Everglades National Park for my family and friends and any one of their friends that wish to come along.

Come one come all.

Those who arrive survive.

No, not like in Walking Dead.


(but yes, she was wearing that)

Those who arrive actually survive.

The gators will not eat you up on this 16-mile Shark Valley bicycle ride.

We’ll make sure you finish the ride and we’ll setup a buddy system to ensure no one is left alone.

It has made me realize how truly fascinating riding a bicycle is.

We are balancing on two slim tires while seamlessly steering and pedaling at the same damn time!

Without giving it a second thought.

Similar to breathing.

We do not think about it once we’re on that bicycle.

We just start.

Then we’re off.

Once you’re astir there isn’t any thought given to what is going on.

What is amazing is that we’re balancing all the while.

I’ve also started riding my bicycle on the weekends locally to the grocery store, to the pharmacy, and to grab a bite to eat at the local latin spot.

J’habite dans Miami.

The cafe con leche makes my weekends.

Additionally, this activity we don’t give much thought to has phenomenal health benefits.

It is a low impact activity that we can do to keep us young over the years and into the later years.

It is considered cardio activity which is essential not only to physical health, but to heart health and it’s absolutely free.

We do not need a gym membership to ride our bicycles.

When we exercise our body releases endorphins so it’s a great way to perk your mood.

In addition to getting and staying fit that in itself is a mood boost.

We do not need a license to ride our bicycles.

It does not require a stipend for gasoline.

If that is not enough it is green.

We minimize our carbon footprint whenever we are able to opt for a bicycle over an automobile.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough your bicycle is very likely light enough for you to carry around with you whenever you need to get on two feet.

If there was a bicycle route I could take to get to work on bicycle I would.

Amongst the many other reasons why bicycling is simply off the hook awesome sauce we would avoid traffic jams if we were close enough to ride our bicycles to work.

“Oh my God, missing traffic jams would ruin my day!” said no one EVER!


Check out other reasons we should bike to work.

If you have a bicycle you should get out on your bicycle today.

If you can’t today then tomorrow and if not then definitely this weekend.

If you do not have one you should purchase one.

There are tons of cheap options and it is a one-time investment.

If you do not know how to ride a bicycle you should learn.

It is never too late to learn.

I do not think you’ve experienced the FREEdom of travel until you’ve rode a bike in my humble opinion.

You owe it to yourself to learn to ride a bicycle so you can feel the wind on your face as you do it with no hands titanic style.


Okay, no really, you owe it to yourself so you can experience this magnificent feat of human choreography.


I am always happiest when I’m engaging in activity of the mind and exercise of the body.

And isn’t it ironic,

don’t you think,

a little too ironic,

yeah I really do think…

that there is a bicycle in the quote of exercise.

Get out there with your family and friends and do some exercise while being social.

You can even reward yourself afterwards with lunch or dinner at a local restaurant to top off your social and healthy interaction.

Stay sexy my friends.


With Love always from Miami,




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