Your elevation may require your isolation

When I have time and want to, “kick-it-with ya” I make time to kick it with ya.

When I don’t have time to kick it I won’t.

I’ll be in isolation, working on my elevation.

I’m writing this for the girls (and the boys) who are trying to take over the world.

“Help me raise a glass for the college grads.”

Although with ambition one can definitely make it without a college education.

So help me raise a glass for those trying to take over the world in general!

As an aside:


Recently, I had a conversation with a dear friend about the following subject–

“your elevation may require your isolation.”

We both agreed this was extremely true.

Yesterday, during a 16-mile bike ride where my baby-sister was my, “buddy” we discussed some of the things I’ve got planned for personal growth this year.


I realized, as we were out there in total isolation…

no one in sight behind us or in front of us, that sometimes your best work gets done during isolation.

Maya Angelou would isolate herself in hotel rooms to do her best writing.

Just look at the level she was able to elevate to.

“Your elevation may require your isolation.”

Today, on the popular page of Instagram, I saw the same saying.

I knew I had to write about this.

“Your elevation may require your isolation.”

This is just too true and I know this firsthand.

Particularly in the case of individuals that do not have the same priorities as one might have.

People may get offended because you do not reach out to them as frequently.

Or you do not reach out to them at all anymore.

Simply put, it’s because you make time for the things on your priority list.

Whether individuals realize it or not they have a priority list.

It is a subconscious priority list, if clearly not a conscious one.

If individuals do not have time for something it’s because it’s not on their priority list.

Individuals say, “I do not have time for that.”

“I wish I had time for that.”

However, they have time to sit in front of the television for hours.

Or talk on the telephone for hours.

We all have time for what we want to make time for.

There is absolutely nothing right now that I want to make time for that, “I don’t have time for.”

I never say, “I don’t have time for that” to something I want to have time for.

What we’re in essence saying, when we say, I don’t have time for that is, “it’s not important to me.”


Think about it.


Our priorities make it to our to-do-list.

Albeit, I won’t deny sometimes the day is very, very busy.

Very, very busy.


However, I still make time for my priorities.

Sleep is typically battling between first and second place depending on what the day has in store.

As our lives change our priorities change.

Sometimes priorities change because an individual is taking care of serious business.

This might mean we might not have as much time for socializing in life.

So sometimes it’s not personal… Sometimes it is.

Take for example, while I was working on graduate school full-time while working full-time.

I was going to school during all three semesters.

Fall, spring, AND summer.


I had a plan.

Grinding all day every day.

I had time for important social things or things I was provided with advance notice of.

If I didn’t receive advance notice of something because individuals aren’t into planning then that didn’t make it to the priority list or calendar.

You have to plan for success or else you plan to fail.

I planned for success.

My number one priority was school.

If I wasn’t able to see anyone other than my husband for weeks, I was perfectly fine with that.

If my studies required me to take a “vacation” day from work to take care of something for school then so be it.

My elevation may require my isolation.

My elevation undeniably required my isolation.

Our elevation may require our isolation.

“Your elevation may require your isolation.”

The circle may get smaller,

the castle may get bigger,

the walls may get taller. (Why I love you – Jay Z)

If this happens, then you made the right choice.

You see along the way there will, almost undoubtedly, be individuals that will not be happy for your success.

They will not rejoice in your success.

Particularly if even if you’re attempting to teach them to be kings and queens in their own lives they’re unable to implement this advice and all they want to be and can be are soldiers. (Why I love you – Jay Z)

These individuals do not understand why you’re unable to drop what is on your priority list and make time for items on their priority list.

Unfortunately, sometimes, priorities are just different.

Our elevation may require our isolation.


My priorities and things I’m busy planning for do not involve the club going up on a Tuesday.


Sometimes when your priorities differ from folks priorities that may involve the club going up on a Tuesday you run into problems because they can’t understand why you’re busy planning for your elevation or your education and too, “good” to hang out at happy hour.

Many good things happen during isolation.

Such as meditation.

When individuals can’t understand your isolation and if or

when the love turns to hate one must separate from the fakes. (Why I love you – Jay Z)

One must watch the throne.

My current throne is small, but it is still my throne.

It’s my life and the individuals in it that will assist or standby me and next to me as I do what I need to do in my life to attain the level of success I am interested in attaining in this one life I have.

My throne consists of my husband and I’s home and whatever this small kingdom possesses.

Anyone that doesn’t have our best interest in mind and doesn’t understand sometimes our elevation may require our isolation will indefinitely stay outside of my isolation chamber.


It’s that simple.

Hopefully there will never come a time where one has to choose between our own elevation and friends or family.

If one has to choose, those individuals never had your best interest in mind.





With Love always from Miami,




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