I’m no head doc, but I play one for free…


Many of us can sometimes harbor emotions and thoughts of disdain towards certain people, or situations.
Often these feelings hold us back from being a better person or even a happier individual.

It’s not until we are confronted with these demons that we realize it.
When I say confronted …it usually means when someone else tells you about yourself.

Let me give you an example.
In a conversation with a friend of mine they told me…
they cannot let people into their heart,
they just cannot trust anyone and that
they are just cold.

What did Jane Seymour say?
“If your heart is open Love will always find its way in.”

And that is along the lines of what I told this individual.
You already let these individuals hurt you in your past.
Why let them hurt you in your present and your future?
If you do not ever let anyone into your heart then you have let your past dictate your future.
You have, not only, allowed them to hurt you in the past and the present, but also in the future.

You have to forgive that person.
It doesn’t mean you have to like them.
Nor does it mean you have to be friends with them.

You forgive them in order to release those harbored feelings of anger, anguish, and resentment.
You are then able to be at peace so you can conquer your next task.

I recently went to confession.
I should mark my calendar so hopefully I do not allow another 10 years to lapse before I go again.
I know for non-Catholic folks and even some Catholic folks confession seems silly.
Aside from it being a part of the catholic religion, sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone of the church that will respond back in audible words…
for free.
I’m getting sidetracked, you know what the Father said to me?
He said …
‘the first thing you have to do is forgive yourself.’
Now if that wasn’t deep I do not know what is.
He told me I had to forgive myself for…
the things
I was sorry I didn’t do,
the things
I was sorry I did do,
the things
that caused me to harbor guilt,
the situations
I wanted to change, but couldn’t go back and change.
I just had to forgive myself and
let it

Sometimes we have demons inside of us towards ourselves.
Things that hold us back from growing and being better people.
We have to let those things go.
Let the ocean wash them away.

Let the wind blow them away.
We’ve got to not carry the past on our shoulders.
All it does is weigh us down.
You are just running in place.
Like quick sand.

Have you ever been in quick sand?
Probably not or else you would not be here unless you know not to move.

People grow really, really bitter!
From just holding onto these emotions.
Then they are unhappy about everything!
Why they do not have a job that pays 100k instead of 99k.
Why they do not have a white picket fence,
Why they do not drive a “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”
and they blame everyone else for their unhappiness.

Sometimes it’s scary to forgive people and to forget.
We think if we forgive and forget it can happen again.
But if we do not forgive we will never know what can become because we are so busy holding onto those ill emotions that we cannot move forward.
Like a carousel goes in circles, but stays in the same place.
We have to be brave and move forward… not be afraid of letting your guard down for fear it may happen again.
Hey it might, but then next time you are, hopefully, a little wiser.

Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave. 
-Indira Gandhi

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. 
-Suzanne Somers

She is so right!
You forgive people, or yourself maybe grieve about it for a bit
then put it in a box and chuck it in the ocean and move on! 
Take the lesson with you, but don’t hold onto it like a life vest. 

If you do you will never learn to swim.

By the way, Happy Holidays! 

Original blog posted to former blog jmariangela5.blogspot.com and jmariangela.blogspot.com on March 17, 2010.

I’m no head doc, but I play one on TV
all rights reserved.


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