Some Girl Up There Went Down Pretty Hard…

Guy: she went down pretty hard. All I heard was ‘ugh’

Okay, let’s start from the beginning.
We arrive our first day to the ski resort.
Beautiful day. Almost impeccably too good to be true.
It was a sunny 64 degrees Fahrenheit.
I know! Crazy right?!
At the bottom of the mountain were getting the boards freshly waxed and perusing the store.
Upon entrance I had made a mental note of the sign on the door.
‘Buy one get the second half off everything of like item’

A little over a month ago I had made a business trip down to SoFla. Okay let me stop lol.
It was nowhere near as glamorous as SoFla. Lol t’is was ‘the stix’
Who cares right? Anyways I saw my father had bought himself a helmet for snowboarding.
I had incidentally previously entertained the idea of I too purchasing a helmet for snowboarding.
I’m on the phone with the hubby while my Dad is opening his box and say;
Gf: hey baby, can we get a helmet for snowboarding?
Bf: uhm, you can. I don’t want one.

Such that conversation ended.

Then here we are both entertaining the idea of purchasing a helmet.
I mean really though, nowadays they make them look super cool!
My spivey senses set sight on a Burton R.E.D. Trace helmet that was red with white tracings of flowers on it.
I mean it was really fierce!
Fiercely feminine in a good way.


I try it on and it fits.
The Bf has caught wind of what I was up to and picks up a helmet. A hot Burton R.E.D. Helmet also and tries it on. A bit of a mustard gold with a totally cool beer bottle opener on the back.


Gf: baby that means we can get 2 helmets for like $100 dollars!
Bf: I know! That’s a good deal.

Safety+good deal=done deal.

Were paying for the wax and the helmets and the lady notices;
Clerk: oh and look, coincidentally you two both picked out the new Burton R.E.D. Traces for him and her.

(How GAY right?! I know)

Anyways so I was completely hyped on my way up the hill.
But I get up there and I just wasn’t in it. My right quadricep was cramping up pretty bad. I was thoroughly frustrated with the chair lift and how short the runs are in the east coast. 3 min run, 2 min ride up the chairlift to fill completely with fluster upon exiting the chair lift with your back foot loose trying to maneuver the board without falling or crashing into someone.

It was so bad on one exit I fell back on the slight bunny hill exiting the chair lift. I then sit up and fall forward just to raise my head at the exact moment the next chair lift (luckily empty) smacks me in the back of the head.

Can you tell I wasn’t entirely feeling this?

The Bf, is now full fledged pushing me.

Bf: come on stop acting scared. I know you’re a good snowboarder! What’s going on?

I think ‘yeah, what’s going on?’
I knew I wasn’t in it.
I had a chest cold I had been fighting off since Tuesday. At first signs I ODed on airborne and even started taking nyquil, so it wasn’t the cold, it was the compilation of things that led me to believe I just wasn’t in it.

I get off the chair lift, this time was different, I wasn’t being as precautious. Maybe deep down I knew something wasn’t right. Earlier someone had busted their ass in the park and was mobilized and put on a stretcher.
Still this time I got off the chair lift and got loose. I’m flying down, twisting and turning and then…
I’m not sure what happened, I think my board stopped and got stuck on a patch of snow piled up. My body immediately flung forward through the air and whilst in the air my body tries to roll downhill parallel to the hill. As you know though the board is strapped to your feet so it can not roll like you. After one roll my body kept going with the momentum, but my board stopped me in its tracks. And my body kept turning it got to the farthest point without snapping my knee out of place and then I fell to the ground face down.

Gf: ugh!

I curled inward some. And then just pounded the ground. I didn’t want to move. I distinctly recall my knee feeling like it was going to snap in an extremely violent manner. I lift my head and I hear the Bf at the bottom by the chair lift.

Bf: baby are you ok?

I don’t answer, then I notice people around me are moving slowly and virtually stopped. A gentleman on skis asks;

Guy: you alright there buddy?

I nod.

He must have thought I was a boy as I had my hair wrapped inside of my helmet and nothing distinctly feminine on.

Yeah except my frickin helmet with FLOWERS on it. LOSER! Lol
Ok whatever. I wasn’t sure if I could ride down the hill or if I had to walk. Or if they had to get the snow mobile.

I get on my knees. Just as I see the Bf take off his board and start to run up hill I get up slowly and start to slowly make my way down.

that was definitely going to be the end of my evening. It was a distinct reminder that although you have a helmet you can still get hurt.

I make it to the bottom and we get on the chairlift to snowboard across the top to the car. He says to me;

Bf: man I got worried. Some guy says to me; ‘man some girl up there, she went down pretty hard, she went down pretty hard. All I heard was ‘UGH!’


(Re-blogged from my old blog— posted—2/14/09)


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