Pedal Real Fast To Change The Forecast

Okay, okay.

Admittedly, it is not exactly a contender to Jay Z’s, “travel first class to change the forecast” on Song Cry.

But don’t judge me.


Moving right along.

Ever since I got my sole bicycle straight from Venice..

Venice Beach that is.



It has been my trusty transporter.

A trusty companion.

Always there.

Always green.

Earth friendly.

My hubby and I had been riding our bicycles to anywhere local.

We’d ride to get breakfast and cafe con leche en route to the gym, to target or where ever our hearts desired.

Within reason of course.

This past Tuesday.

Veteran’s day



1+1/1+1 =


22 veterans commit suicide every day.

Mission 22.

Raise awareness!

So, we were on the return leg of the trip to the gym for leg day when my bike started making an unprecedented clanking screech.

I couldn’t wait to get home.

I raced up the drive way and brought her straight inside.

Then, singlehandedly flipped her over and called sole bicycles customer service.


I feared the worst.

I thought she was to become scrap metal.

I phoned sole bicycles post haste


To my pleasant surprise…

Cody was !

He informed me of their warranty and shipped out the replacement part expeditiously.

Not only were they sending out the replacement part but, they were going to reimburse me for the cost of replacing the piece on the bike.

“Well smack me around and call me Susan!”

Aside from being out of commission for, likely, a week she was in good shape.

She was love at first sight I tell you.

the fiancé.

Since I got her, just over six months ago, she had been my mode of transportation on days off.

Saturday through Monday.

This weekend would be egregiously different.

This weekend she sat upside down like a tipped cow?

(Something funny?)


awaiting her part

from Venice Beach

and the appointment at the freewheel doctor.

The moral of the story is.

Cycling is an awesome way to squeeze in some exercise.

Particularly for people that say they don’t have time for any exercise.

If you ARE that busy, you can find ways to squeeze in exercise that does not involve downtime of one to two hours straight.

Like cycling to the store.

It’s low impact.

You can do it with your spouse, kids, parents, and friends.

It doesn’t run out of battery.

It doesn’t require gas.

It simply requires you to move your legs and

elevate your heart rate a little- which is so necessary on a daily basis.

To top it all off.

There are tons of apps that will tell you just how much you rode.

For how long.

They’ll even estimate calories burned.

All from a leisurely bike ride to, perhaps “ooo and awe” over a good cafe con leche.


This is, after all, Miami.



In the meantime.

I await for my two wheeled companion to be operational once more.


7 benefits of cycling– Straight from Discovery| News

Get out there and move those legs!

You’ll thank yourself later.


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