Paper Chasing at 50.

So I’ve got this green nail polish on by China Glaze.

I’m sorry. Let me be specific because in the nail polish business it’s all about the names.

Unless you’re using really cheap stuff that has no name and just a number.

And THAT is perfectly okay too.

You have enough to ante up for the round.


I’m wearing China Glaze paper chasing.


It’s fair enough to say it is a metallic true green.

In looking at the color I was reminded of my phlebotomist the day I went for my annual blood work in late July.

I had three different colors that day with glitter and gold.

It was fabulous.

My phlebotomist thought so too.

She emphatically told me so.

She proceeded to say she was too old to wear colors like that.

I said “NO you are NOT.”

She said “yes I am.

My daughter told me so.

I bought a green I really liked and was all ready to wear it and my daughter told me I’m too old for it.

I’m almost 50 you know.”

All of this in a caribbean accent which was fabulous by the way.

My jaw immediately dropped in awe.

My phlebotomist was the real life version of Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. 


She completed drawing my blood.

I said “you tell your daughter you’re NOT too old to wear your green and you wear it!”

My husband and I got on our bikes and rode off to the beach.

No… really.

Then met one of my closest friends and her then-boo at the beach.


So it brings me back to the green I have on my nails.

WHY is it that society sets a rule of when you’re too old to wear something provided that it doesn’t make you look sleazy?

I’ve already vowed NOT to cut my hair in what I know as the grandma cut.

You know what I’m talking about.

I only had the pleasure of meeting two out of my four great-grandmothers and they both had very long hair.

One wore it in a long, thin, silvery ponytail while the other wore hers in two side buns like princess Leia.

My two grandmothers however, they missed the, rebel and rock your hair long memo.

No thank you!

I tried short hair and it just doesn’t work for me.

Is there going to be a time I’ll think I’m too old for that green polish?

And if so why?

If it makes me happy and isn’t hurting anyone and isn’t sleazy then ..



Live and let live.

I don’t know.

I hope to still be wearing China Glaze paper chasing when I’m almost 50.


At least I think I do.

p.s. Annual blood work was perfect. My PCP told me to “keep up the good work.”



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