Change the Lens to Change Your Perspective

We are off!


Off to Key West.

Off to the southern most city of the United States!


Now, now lest we not judge a book by it’s cover.
The meteorologists are predicting rain all of today and thunderstorms most of tomorrow.

But if we were to judge the weekend by its cover we’d presume the weekend promised to be a miserable undertaking due to the weather forecast.

I know better.
I know rain or shine, we’re gonna have a knee-slapping good time.


After work heading down to the southern most city of the U [.] S [.] of A [.] formally known as Key West.

I’m beyond overjoyed to go to the keys.
There is something so nostalgic about the keys.
The atmosphere is always so relaxed.

No worries mon!
Unless of course you venture south during fantasy fest when and where I hear it gets a little cray cray.

The day is rather dreary as I write this.


Yet somehow, it’s key west and thus it doesn’t matter because we’ll likely be walking to the nearest restaurant for a drink with some sort of decoration in it and listening to great music somewhere eating oysters and the likes of other seafood greats.


I’m curious what I’ll learn this weekend.

How will my life possibly change as a result.
I love spending time with family and close friends and this weekend I have the pleasure of spending it with my husband, two of my sisters, my parents, my brother-in-law, and my nephew, (currently and fondly known as) officer Borat himself.

I am on co-pilot duty and enjoying some light educational reading while listening to Big Boi’s album

If you do not already know, there are some great benefits to reading.

Benefits of Reading 
I’m optimistic the sun will shine through but either way we will have a fabulous time.
In search for ugly sweaters for the holidays we pit stop at a local thrift store on the way down.
I love spontaneity.

In my soccer player commentator voice

We’ve gotten our hands on an
old lady hand me down,
mothball smelling,
ugly sweater and we’re off!

Stop for snacks and a beverage.


Naked juice is so yummy.
It is 100% juice
no added sugars
non-GMO and

Here is my BAMF hubby enjoying his Naked protein smoothie with his drivers on.


We’re here!


Key West!

And someone down here is repping my Steelers!


Hard Rock Cafe makes the dinner cut.
And I note, I’ve been to all of these hard rocks on their flyer.
Thanks Dad and Mom.
For showing me so much of the world.

Ma famille est arrivée un peu plus tarddonc nous commençons sans eux.


My family arrived a little later, so we start without them.

So we go ahead and start our mini weekend retreat.

Cheers to the frickin weekend.

Then we stop at dive bar 1.

Captain Tony’s Saloon where their signature drink is the Pirate’s punch and it comes with a souvenir cup of which we have a few at home already. They’re the best!
Perfect for iced drinks.

Our bar stools were the perfect seating!



Then we follow the music.
Which place sounds like they’ve got good music and a good vibe?
Well I find myself on the sidewalk sniffing for the place with the best atmosphere like the witches on Hocus Pocus

Dive bar 2
Hogs breath it was.
The live music had the inhabitants, locals, and tourists alike, dancing in the aisles.


We enjoyed the live entertainment for a short while and then we’re off to the hotel but, not before noting someone had come down from Baltimore and repped our Orioles!


The night was young but we rise before the sun so we were undeniably tired.

We touchdown at the Sheraton suites.

Miss …. we’ve upgraded you to ocean view.

Music to my music-loving ears!

Shortly there after we are done.

We rise early to catch formula 1 qualifying.

Then we’re showered, dressed, and off to enjoy the day in Key West where they’re calling for a heavy chance of rain.

It’s beach weather over here
sky’s clear
That’s flip flops
That’s Americana
I wore what I brought to work out in because it was the only thing I had that was comfortable for extensive walking.
I have been trying to work on my over packing and instead I under packed.


(me in an alley working on my power poses)

No rain thus far.

We park at one end of Duval Street so we can walk to the other end and not miss any shop or restaurant.


The streets are absolutely calm.
Just how I remember Key West.

We stop at the smallest bar in the world.
I was compelled to enter after such an introduction by its curb appeal.
It didn’t disappoint.

Take note at us just upon arriving at the bar–


Then take note upon us having been at the bar for a few minutes.


Everything was funny.
Of course you’re with beloved family.

We made our way to the water to enjoy the lowering sun and wait for my younger sister, brother-in-law and nephew (officer borat) to arrive a day late.


I receive word my sister is in town.

We decide to play hide and seek from officer borat.


When it’s time to wind down we remember the car is on the other end of Duval Street.

Hubby wasn’t having it.
The walk was too far and we had been walking all day.

The hubby, my baby sister, and I all hopped on a bicycle pedicab who took us all the way from the Coach store to the beginning of Duval street.

My hubby, baby sister, and I GEEKIN!

It never did rain much more than a very brief sprinkle.
We made it back to the hotel and lasted 1/2 an hour tops.
Likely due to my nephew (officer Borat) who was so eager to play a board game with everyone.
When we realized some of us were getting very comfy on the floor, we threw in the towel and departed to our own chambers.

Lights out.
We rise early again to catch the formula 1 race.
Hamilton wins!
Some of us thought it would be a great idea to go for a run on the beach.
The hubby, my two sisters, and I make way to the beach.
I started on the beach and 1/4 of the way switched to the concrete.
The beach was tough and unfortunately was very shallow.
We did manage to all finish more than a mile.

Just as I was about to walk alongside the water to cool off I take note of an evil minion.


A jellyfish!

Tons of jellyfish.
All along the water’s edge.
So much for that idea.
Then after everyone ate breakfast in my parent’s chambers, thanks to my mum who brought bread, turkey, cheese, and coffee, we were off to shower.
Hubby and I were ready first and I hadn’t gotten enough of my nephew yet so I went to grab him from my sister’s chambers.
We got four rounds of trouble with him where he kept changing what color he wanted to be based on his prediction for what color was going to win the game.
He managed to win the fourth game.
Then, we were off to the mainland of the sunshine state and our mini retreat was coming to a close.

I do thoroughly enjoy travel.
I find it is so necessary for individuals to set aside at least a little bit of money, whatever you can afford, to take little retreats from the day to day grind.
You’ve got to reap the benefits of what you do to earn money.
If you’re working solely to pay your bills that is eventually going to wear on you.
I understand some people truly can’t afford to put any money aside.
Those people aren’t spending any money other than basic groceries, basic utilities, and their mortgage or rent.

I also find it is not ever really about the situation you are in but, about what you make of it.
We could have been totally bummed out they were calling for rain all weekend.
We could have cancelled the trip assuming we weren’t going to have a good time.
I knew that wasn’t the case.
I knew we were going to have a good time.
Even if we were stuck in our rooms watching television and playing trouble with officer Borat all weekend.
It’s about your attitude towards the situation.
We went into it knowing we’d have a good time.
Your attitude determines your altitude.
In everything you do.
In your personal life.
In your business life.
In your education.
In your health for that matter.
If you’re looking at a situation and you can only see the bad then try changing the lens for which you’re viewing the situation through.
It might provide a better perspective.

This weekend I was viewing the situation through a Canon T2i and an iPhone 6 plus and things were looking good.
We were going to have a good time, rain or shine because we had that attitude.


I leave you with this video from the pedicab ride home.

Good friends we’ve had, good friends we’ve lost, along the way, ayyy.


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