You know how the time flies…only yesterday… it was the time of our lives.

(been so long I bet no one even noticed the change in title)
and I were watching the Video Music Awards on Sunday and this
absolutely amazing artist came on stage.
(I’ve been trying to write this ever since. Hey I’m a busy gal.)
She, in one note sent me to outer space and blew my mind away.
I asked myself …had I been living under a rock that…
I’ve never heard of her before?
Quite possibly… as ever since I’ve been planning a wedding,
and trying to hustle to finish up school I’ve been like
an ostrich with my head in the sand.
Either way, the artist was Adele.
The most amazing part of it all
was that she is only 21 years old and she sings with the emotion
of a wise middle aged woman.
She performed this song with just the piano.
No fancy arrangements, just her words and the harmonious melody.
am I talking about right?
This song was so touching to me that I turned to sugar.
I cried.
Pretty gay right?
(oh sue me for saying that and stop being so sensitive)
The song extracted tears from my eyes and her performance was so strong
I was awestruck.
I am well aware that I have not revealed the title of the song yet…
Be patient Daniel son..
It’s astounding when relationships start they’re typically
Butterflies, and romance
And lust.

Lots of

Then maybe love.
Memories are created and often if you make it past
The honeymoon stage which is usually marked at or around
One year, then some individuals discuss the next levels.
Which doesn’t however, secure eternal wedded bliss.
But,…What IS love?
The dictionary defines it as;
A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
So what do you do when the love wears thin?
Rejection is likely among the worst emotions to experience.
It is comparable to grieving, if not the same.
Longing for something or someone and undeniably discovering
they’re not there
prepared to reciprocate your affection.
One of the worst things to hear a loved one experience is unexpected heart ache.
Wouldn’t it just be fabulous if we could glamour people?
If we could take them back to the time of their lives?
Remind them of all of the happy memories that once were
And could still be?
Bring back the joy and excitement from the beginning stages of courting.
You know,
when your hair was always done
Beards, were always shaved, hair cut
Every single night was an expensive date night
You just couldn’t imagine arguing with this person.
Apparently I heard through the grapevine that the state they labeled as
For lovers…
Not so much.
*borat voice*
But you didn’t hear that from me.
And seriously, I’m not an angry bytch.
Only when I’m on stage.
I simply can’t fathom that a love that in different situations may have been
So effervescent for …
10, 20, 30 even for 40 or 50 years… can magically
Or perhaps not so magically but,
Can just dissipate.
Is that really and truly even possible?
Where does it go?
Particularly when there weren’t any detrimentally negative occurrences to
Wash away the love.

Does it just get covered up by new different emotions?

Or does the transfer of energy transfer that love to a different emotion?
Or to a different person with the same emotion?
Most complex creatures learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others.
It’s usually easier if you’re wise enough to learn from the mistakes of others.
Rather than being so hard headed that you want to crash and burn too!
One thing I’ve learned from all of my married friends and family
Is that marriage is not always mango sorbet. (I just like mango sorbet)
You just have to be committed to take the popcorn jellybean with the blueberry one too.
So WHY is the divorce rate significantly high?
Are we a society of lazy slackers when it comes to co-inhabiting with someone
Until death do us part?
Who knows.
What I found rather more interesting when I looked up the divorce rate is this;
41% of first marriages end in divorce.
60% of second marriages end in divorce.
73% of third marriages end in divorce.*
THAT I didn’t know.
So rest assured Adele, his new marriage likely won’t last.
The odds aren’t in his favor anyways.
I have also learned that you should absolutely never give up on something
Unless you’re absolutely sure that you have nothing left to give.
NOTHING, nothing left to give.
And that you should do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.
American consultant, lecturer and author Barbara De Angelis stated;
“you never love by loving. You always lose by holding back.”
 Adele –
Either way this song was worth hearing and the cd is worth buying.


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