"Before I had west coast standards.."

Just like that a true Pow shredding monster was born…

Take it back to a Wintergreen resort trip in 2009.

It was really cold and my weakness when I ski/snowboard has always been that my toes and fingers get reallyyy cold!

I was commenting on how much chair lifts just suck @$$ because you're sitting there in the air exposed to the elements getting cold.

Me: ugh its so stressful when you're getting off the chair lift too when you're on a snowboard and you're always thinking 'please don't let me fall!'

BAMF BF's response was likely something along the lines of… Shrugged shoulders due to him not having experienced true powder during said trip in February of 2009 nor the beauty of a gondola.

On snowboards when you ride the chair lift up your back binding is un done thus steering is some what…


it is compromised.

As we watch television right now and discuss the weather in Vail Colorado which is currently 18 degrees fahrenheit and they receive an average annual snow fall of 350 INCHESSS!!! Whoa Nelly!

BAMF BF states the following…

“It hasn't been this cold this early in like 7-8 years and back then Wintergreen was like that….

I mean you know, before I had West Coast standards, (lmao)

I used to hear you say 'you don't understand all we do is ride down and ride back up. We spend more time on the lift.' (Which on a snowboard as I previously explained is some what disturbing) but now I understand and that gondola thing is like that!”

And just like that a Pow shredding monster was born… And we decided we'd leave skiing for the east coast.




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