Tales of an Office Manager

Tales of an Office Manager…

(ring, ring,)
Me: Dr. —- Office, how may I help you?
Pt wife: hi, i’m calling about John Doe’s appointment
Me: yes
Pt wife: its at 10 o’clock
Me: ok
Pt wife: well were going to be a little bit late. he’s been constipated and he took a laxative last night. well, he’s having some difficulties this morning. he’s still on the john.

Me:(silently lmfao)
Pt wife: so well get there when we get there? is that okay?
Me: yes I’ll let the doctor know he’ll be a little bit late.

Okay, so I have not experienced constipation. I hear when women get pregnant some of them experience it.
I KNOW that old people experience it. But, wow, clearly at that age they have no cut cards. Beause she had no remorse in blasting her husband over the phone. lol
Poor guy, then he shows up at the office and I’m thinking…

“do you want some prune juice?”

Til next time.

Β© Entries of a DiVA (These are my words unless I have specifically quoted someone.)

DiVA is a female version of a hustla. -Beyonce


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