Yup, I believe in guardian angels!

So check this. I'm driving on I4 right. En route to the airport. And I feel my car pull slightly to the left so I grab the steering wheel a bit tighter.

Then much to my surprise I see an ENTIRE tire in my rear view mirror. Yup! An entire tire or what looked like an entire tire. I see it rolling across the lanes.

I let go of my steering wheel an its no longer pulling to the left and is in fact driving straight. So I figure I must have just run over that tire that's why I felt the 'slight' pull. Then I think 'huhm, wow, dag, someone just lost their tire'.

I'm coasting along…

About to get off my exit for the airport when a black SUV pulls up next to me. I notice they're waving at me. So very nonchalantly I put my window down and the dialogue begins on the highway.

Lady: you lost your tire. You're just driving on the inside.

Me: how the hell did I not notice that

Lady: (shrugs followed by) I don't know

Man: drive really slow and pull over. If you take a sharp turn you'll lose it.

Me: okay thank you.

I still don't believe it.

If I had lost my whole tire I should have been in an accident. I should have spun out. I should have something other then felt a slight pull and been coasting.

I park in the airport parking lot and can hardly believe my eyes.

Since I didn't think anyone would believe me, here, here are pictures.

Thanks God.


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