You are; Fragment (consider revising)

Blog By: Angie R.

I am constantly brought to a point where I realize the lack of completeness in some individual’s lives. These men that are ‘no offense’ 30 something have no job, no home, and most importantly in my eyes do not have a significant other to share their everyday thoughts, hopes, and fears with yet seem to always have a direction to point their finger. Then, (lol) there are these ‘SIMPLE BITCHES’. I am unable to phrase it or lay it down in any other way, because by dictionary definition that is what they are. Let it be I to tell you that…

The mind is a terrible thing to waste (unknown)

If they are simple they are more than likely not using all of their minds potential. They do not have a ‘real’ job, are suffering in the ‘book’ smarts department like simply appreciating reading, and don’t know the simple ‘a-b-c’ order of things. Their thought processes are those of small microbes. For example; before one can drink out of a bottle, one must take the cap off. I would think that was ‘elementary my dear Watson’, wouldn’t you? Yet they too, are always looking for a direction to point their stubby nailed fingers in. If you live what I consider a ‘mediocre’ life, you are constantly looking at the next ‘slide’ in the ‘film’ of your neighbor’s life. In hopes to point out that something in their frame shot is no good or ‘incomplete’. First look at the fact that your ‘film’ might have already been placed in the shredder. This is where unworthy negatives go to die. Assure that your life is complete before you commence scrutinizing others incompleteness.

I would like to share a story…

A woman and a separated man meet. She notes that his wife is attempting to reconcile things. Mother Nature herself could not have constructed a more perfect woman. She as an individual is content with herself; she is complete on her own and does not ‘need’ a man to complete her. She is confident about who she is. She retreats for several months and allows his wife to continue her attempt at reconciling things. He questions her absence. With the utmost gracefulness and ladylike manner she explains to him that she understands his situation and although he does not wish to patch things with his wife she would like to grant his wife the chance to try to win his love again. At this act of genuine kindness and unselfishness he realizes just how truly beautiful she is inside and out. Things with his wife do not work and their divorce is finalized. His ex-wife unable to own up to the harsh reality that she was the smaller woman bad mouths his new other half to anyone imaginable. So it can be concluded that what he and his wife had was very superficial. She was quite immature, beauty was only skin deep, her life even with him was always incomplete, because she alone was incomplete and her thought processes were putrid. This new complete greater force goes on despite the negativity planted by his ex-wife. Destiny throws another curve ball their way. She is diagnosed with cancer. The chemotherapy causes her hair to fall. She as an individual is content with herself, she is complete on her own and confident about whom she is. She decides to shave off her hair. He loves her nonetheless. They together are complete. Their bond is light years ahead of skin deep. Her health is steady until a cold takes her to the hospital. Her immune system fails due to the chemo therapy. She is intubated and on a ventilator. Tears trickle down his face every time he is reminded of her fragile state. Although others might look into her room in the intensive care unit and think she may not be much to look at with her missing hair, sedated state and hospital gowns. To him she is the most beautiful flower. From the moment he laid eyes on her. From the moment she redeemed her inner beauty in stepping aside to allow his ex wife another chance. She was complete all by herself and she was able to unite with him to complete a greater force and interchange complete true love. (true story)

So you can look at your neighbor’s films all day long and point out reasons for why the shots in their slides are no good or incomplete and attempt to mask your own faulty negatives. Yet that is a definite sign that something is missing to complete the frames in your life. Some people should grow up!

Before two souls can come together and make one complete greater force, each individual must be complete on their own.

If you as an individual are incomplete for any reason, be it job, physique, lack of motivation, lack of the ability to love, lack of intellect, or lack of passion for anything.

‘You are; Fragment (consider revising)’.


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