Will he catch me when I fall?

By: Angie R.

Waking up to the sunrise peering in through the venetian blinds in front of your window. The first thing that comes to mind is the thought of them. For some reason it seems as if the cares that you once had aren’t so vital today. You get around them and you feel as if your floating, floating through the clouds off into an existent mirage that seems to fill the voids that you once had. I thought I had forgotten what that felt like. The feeling of… what do you call them.. ‘butterflies’. Yeah, that’s it, ‘butterflies’. It is a feeling that you sometimes feel when your starting something new, something fresh, something unknown with someone that has been placed in your life like a fork in the road.
You are strolling along in life on your normal path and then, you run into it when you least expect it, that ‘fork in the road’. Let’s think back to an occasion when you were single of course, and ran into someone that quite possibly may change your life. It could be positive or it could turn out negative. There’s no telling at that point, but the feeling is definitely positive. The way you felt when it was all developing, so to speak.
Realistically falling in love is beautiful. Specifically when both people are on the same level plateaus. True love is even better. When two people truly appreciate the other characters perfections and imperfections. It is one individual embracing the others thoughts, points of view and values.
I read somewhere that;

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. –Zora Neale Hurston

This is such a perfect anology. I think when two people fall in love and it’s true then your honestly willing to do whatever for that person to make them happy and satisfied and so you’re the only person they think about, it has to however be mutual. It’s not about changing, its that the same things you might not have been willing to do in the past because you weren’t all ‘there’ you are willing to do because you are all ‘there’ with this person.

It is so simple to forget about love and compassion these days. Seeing as countries are at war, over religion and territories. One sees the very poverty in our own country. Individuals in Africa are killed for blood diamonds, Asian countries pour acid on eachother at civil wars as well for no apparent reasons. It is quite understandable that with the things plaguing the world one could shut out the possibilities of ‘love’.
So I’m standing here and I’m wondering as I’m falling, as the surmise of my falling is peering its face over my horizons like a hot air balloon. The question of the hour is, ‘will he catch me’?
I do not know if I can speak for men when I say this, but I do know that I can speak for many of my friends when I say that perhaps they’ve been reeled in like a fish on a fishing rod and then when hooked simply thrown back in the water and released to try and reel in another fish.
How cruel it is to have someone fall for you and then allow them to fall and crash on the floor like a broken glass.

Sooo… when the time comes that I fall will he catch me? Will he follow through with the things he’s said? I am not doubting the likelihood of love, I am merely sitting by my window sill looking up at the sky doodling on my notebook and wondering. Everything feels absolutely different and something tells me it definitely will be different. I guess the point is that although you may have been hurt before and perhaps been let down or dissappointed every situation is unique and every scenario can bring forth new, exciting and fresh feelings and if your willing you should embrace it and not try to control the feelings, just go with them.
So in the mean time all I can do is enjoy it. And of course hope he catches me when I fall. Yeah, I think that’s it, I can only hope he catches me when I fall.


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