SmOke and MirrOrs

Blog By: Angie R.

Men and women are continuously forging excuses to deceive their partners and to achieve disloyalty without being caught… right away. Men and woman think that they are magicians. Things may be said that are going to bother some and enlighten others. The fact of the matter is if you were bothered by anything stated then you probably can relate to it so it was taken personally. In that case one may want to evaluate why it was taken personally?
When your partner purchases you pricey gifts without any given reason he may be attempting to divert attention from something that he is feeling guilty about. Some may say this is cynicism, I call it realism. Follow your instincts! If you were already suspecting some things were not right in the relationship and then when this un announced gift arrives the first thing you think of is not positive then it may be a guilt gift. Or the magician pulling the dove out of the handkerchief!
When you feel that everything was just fine between the two of you, you were happily enjoying dinner or sitting comfortably on the couch then out of nowhere a fight has sparked! And he’s left the house! You are left behind awe stricken at what just took place, because you’re not sure! This, my friends was his (or her) disappearing act. He (or she) has just staged an argument so that he could escape to meet with the other woman. I know this one first hand and all too well.
His phone rings and he immediately ‘shush’es you. You initially remain quiet because hey ‘it might be work’ or maybe it’s his family with bad or good news. What do you do? You listen closely to see if he identifies whether he’s talking to a man or a woman. Guess what? He talks neutrally. Meaning you can’t tell if he’s talking to a man or a woman. It would be entirely too obvious if he identified her as a woman by saying something as blatant as ‘hey girl’. If he talked to her like she was one of his boys that would cause an argument. She’d say ‘why are you talking to me like I’m one of your boys’? That would not be good while he’s sitting on the couch with you. So he talks neutrally so the girl on the line doesn’t question and so you don’t question. You take it one step further and as soon as he (she) ends the conversation you ask who that was. He gives you the ‘wow are you serious’ response. I can only shake my head at this response or any response like it denoting that you should give him some privacy. Better he walks outside and then answers.
All of a sudden he is looking ‘so fresh and so clean’. Honey its not for you! Unless he’s feeling insecure by something that your doing, but you can usually tell the difference because he’s up your butt and not getting fresh and clean and going out with ‘the boys’.
I’m working late. This is the number one excuse that men and women use when they are trying to squeeze time into their schedule to have an affair. Please realize that it is possible for your partner to work late or work long hours. Follow that feeling in your gut that makes you nauseous whenever it arises. If the first thing that comes to your mind is that he’s cheating there’s probably a reason behind it. It doesn’t hurt to check up on them now and again. It also doesn’t hurt to surprise them at the office with a couple of minutes notice. Such as ‘hey want to have lunch, I’m right in the area’?
If you are never allowed to go over to his place and he happens to always be over at yours. You might wonder what is at his place that you are not allowed to see. I guarantee you the answer is not good and whatever he may use to divert your attention to something else, his reasoning for you never being allowed over to his place is bullshit!
If a holiday is coming up or yours, his or her birthday is coming up and your not sure if they are going to do anything with you or for you. They are probably not your significant other. (period)
If he is routinely getting phone calls at late hours of the night and he pawns them off as wrong numbers you may want to dig deeper. Worst yet if he is never with you over night for you to hear the phone calls he is getting at late hours of the night, watch out now! Do not allow their excuses to smoke up your ideology.
Dating extremely older people is fun! Yet do not confuse it for anything more. There are circumstances, very rarely that someone more then 10 years older or younger then you may blossom into something more then just companionship and sex. Yet bare in mind that statistics are against you. Of marriages 50% end up in divorce. One factor that is noted to contribute to the 50% that end up in divorce is large gaps in age. It is proven that couples with similar age ranges have a larger chance at survival. Believing that this extremely older man or woman is the ideal package might just be an illusion created by that individual. Whether it be his flashy car, stable career or delectable body. Or for that matter her flashy car, stable career or delectable body. The magical illusion of a, career, car, home, maturity are diverting your attention from the question of ‘why are they still alone’?
People with game don’t have to lie. Real men and women don’t have to lie. Wannabe players do.
These situations are all just smoke and mirrors. This term originated from the M.O. magicians used to complete their feats. They use trickery such as ‘smoke and mirrors’ to create the illusion and diversion to be able to distract the viewer long enough and accomplish their tasks of seemingly producing magic.
These men and women think they are magicians nowadays. What they fail to realize is that they are not magicians. The difference is Men and women always get caught and a magician’s secret techniques never come to light.


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