Seemingly sweet and unfierce

Untitled: written in 8th grade.
Blog By By: Angie R.
Though seemingly sweet and unfierce.This wonder of life leaves you a painful pierce.As you are mesmerized by its nature.Its beauty with you stays for many years later.Reach out to it your mind whispers and speaks.Bestow your fingers upon her she appears weak.Run your fingers down you’ll feel her peak.Then thick blood drips slowly like a fawcet’s leak.At first regarded as seemingly unfierce.An innocent creation thats left you a painful pierce.As you now sit and stare in dismay.You are lost in a labyrinth of her structure and ways.Intrigue steadily pulls you close.Bringing you in for one more dose. The essence of this flower so pure and clean.Like the after rain when spring is near.Sun rays caress slowly every last curve.Gently awakening your every last nerve.The petals of a rose sensitive to ones touch and feel.When not treated well crumbles like Achiles heel.Ever so soft like deep red suede.A color through time that won’t fade away.hand me her beauty, seal it with a kiss.Then slowly rising to ultimate bliss.When this flower upon me you lay.You’ll hold a place in my heart until final days.


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