A gentleman brings out the good that is in people

Blog By: Angie R.

From the Analects of Confucius I present to you the following quote; “A gentleman brings out the good that is in people, he does not bring out the bad. A vulgar man does the opposite.” This particular statement is one that may be quite relatable to many of us. There are some individuals that do not understand what it truly means to bring out the best in others. Thus far they find themselves wound up in a vicious cycle of negativity and cynicism. This behavior rubs off on others and in actuality brings out the worst in others as well as the worst in the person seeping this aura through their pores. A gentleman or gentle woman, who can be classified as a kindhearted individual, always seeks to bring out the best in others in addition to the best in themselves.
From personal experience I have dealt with situations where you are in the vicinity even of someone who is vulgar at all times. They are not fully aware of how much their persona can hinder the feelings and emotions of others around them. Things come out of their mouths that are accompanied with a philosophical ‘foul scent’. Meaning it might not necessarily stink literally, but they do stink. Throughout the trials and tribulations that have been presented into my world I have learned that it is best to disassociate yourself from beings like this vulgar one that Confucius speaks of. The moment that my conscience notes a putrid and negative behavior or rays being emitted from another person I immediately distance myself from them.
Our lives are too short to allow others to bring us down with their foul scented behaviors and thoughts. Confucius comes off as denoting that this behavior is that of a male that is not a gentleman. A behavior that is not welcomed in our society and that is not warranted by anyone. In his verse he describes the gentleman as the mature individual who is attempting to spread his wealth of happiness to others by bringing out the best in them. Men that are truly gentleman do not wish to bring others down in the same manner that they realize to weigh persons in your circle down is a characteristic of a weak, vulgar man. This is something that we should all be quite aware of. Most individuals that seek to bring out the worst in others are not happy with themselves, thus they yearn to deliver unhappiness to everyone else. Among the wealthiest people they are not just wealthy, but they are wealthy and happy. Citizens of our society that have the best of both worlds don’t necessarily have just money; they have wealth of all natures. Wealth in knowledge, in financial well being as well as they continue to preserve their humbleness. Based on Confucius’s statement one could assume that he bears the traits of a gentleman. He has accepted that to bring out the best in one in conjunction with bringing out the best in others is a great gift and an even better characteristic. Confucius deliberately and directly knocks down the behavior of the weaker, vulgar man as an unacceptable trait and childish behavior in a man.
When an individual’s sole purpose is to bring forth adverse feelings and emotions to others, they should look forth at their own path of life. There are almost assuredly many reasons for why they should assess their own actions, and draw out a new blue print for their life.


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